TRBOnet Watch is a client-server Windows application that monitors all traffic on Motorola MOTOTRBO™ IP SITE CONNECT , CapacityPlus , Linked CapacityPlus and ConnectPlus systems (or a single repeater in IPSC mode). It displays transmitted GPS, ARS, Voice, Text Messages, System and User data with RSSI, source and destination radio ID’s, Peer ID's. TRBOnet Watch helps to balance a channel loading, define and solve problems in a radionetwork. A must for IPSC / Capacity Plus / ConnectPlus admin!  

Version 2.1

  • Connect Plus 1.4 support
  • Friendly FS1000-Generic adapter support
  • Option Board support
  • Performance: support added for multiple system configurations (200+ radio systems)
  • Topology update: MNIS and DDMS
  • Auto-reconnect to Watch Server

Version 2.0

  • Firmware 2.3 support
  • SELEX Echo-D support
  • TRBOnet Swift Agent support
  • Updated System Topology for Linked Capacity Plus
  • New Report for System Blackout

Version 1.9.2

  • RSSI Levels adjustment
  • Improved RDAC user interface
  • Email Notification issue fixed
  • Sound notifications added into Watch Console
  • Data Parse(GPS, Text, Telemetry)
  • Text Messages Report
  • Ability to disable the recording of voice and RCM messages in a database
  • General performance improvement

Version 1.9

  • ConnectPlus support
  • Linked CapacityPlus support
  • Voice Recording for ConnectPlus! XRT9000 is NOT required
  • Topology Update: all systems on one screen
  • SNMP support

Version 1.8

  • Voice Recording for IPSC, CapacityPlus
  • Export recordings to Wav file
  • Real-time audio on slot
  • Site Survey / RSSI Map: map resolution changed
  • Site Survey / RSSI Map: ability to see every single GPS package on a map as a dot
  • Updated User Manual

Version 1.7

  • Repeater Control Messages - shows repeater service messages (Start/Stop TX, interference, etc)
  • Live Monitor update: Slot View for IP Site Connect
  • Aliasing: peers, groups, radios
  • Event Log Report: shows all system messages from repeaters
  • Event Log Calendar (Beta)

Version 1.0 - 1.5

  • Monitoring and Diagnostic of Digital channels
  • Capacity Plus System Topology
  • IP Site Connect System Topology
  • Repeaters Diagnostic and Control
  • Analytics Module
  • Site Survey / RF Quality Control Map
  • Reports
  • Online Repeater Alarm Control
  • Email Notification
  • Basic / Enhanced Privacy Support
  • Enhanced GPS Support


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