TRBOnet Enterprise is a professional grade application especially developed for Dispatch centers that monitor large amounts of traffic. It supports digital as well as analog channels that could be helpful for clients during there migration period. Also makes response during emergency situations quick and effective, and can be used to link multiple agencies or departments at the touch of a button by the dispatcher. TRBOnet Enterprise is the best for MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, IP SITE CONNECT and CONNECT PLUS.  

Supported Systems:

  • Single MOTOTRBO repeaters in digital, mixed or analogue mode
  • IP Site Connect system
  • Capacity Plus


  • Voice Recording
  • Data Logging
  • Binary Patch is available for IPSC
  • Talk Group Patch is available for CapacityPlus and LCP
  • Easy to install and configure

IPSC. TRBOnet can be connected to several single repeaters or IPSC systems simultaneously. A dispatcher operates with all repeaters/sites as with one radio system. CrossPatch feature allows to tie together repeaters and interconnecting radio units from different sites. Roaming allows units moving from one site to another and keep being in contact with a dispatcher. 

LCP & CapacityPlus. No limitation for the number of talk groups! 

Note: TRBOnet still supports Control Radios based systems

Release 4.0

  • MOTOTRBO Network Application Data Interface
  • GPS Tracker for GOB
  • Man Down/No Movement/Crash Detect for GOB
  • SIP Trunk support 

Release 3.6

  • Job Ticketing
  • 5Tone/Select5 support
  • TRBOnet WebClient
  • Quick Commands for Telemetry, Text and Voice Messages
  • Scheduled Voice Messages
  • New online map – Bing from Microsoft 

Release 3.5

  • VoiceDispatch for ConnectPlus !!!
  • Enhanced (binary) CrossPatch: allows patching individual repeaters or IPSC systems on system level
  • Dynamic Channel Groups with CrossPatch
  • TRBOnet WebClient
  • TRBOnet Open API
  • Voice Messaging update: Blast Tone
  • TX Passive update: quick panel for transmitting pre-recorded voice messages
  • Dispatch Call (Private call) to a particular dispatcher
  • Local Slots support for IPSC
  • Capacity Plus Enhancement: Mixed Mode (control stations & IP Connect)
  • Route Playback
  • Internet Proxy Server support
  • Windows Authentication support

Feature List

  • Multi control station supported
  • Capacity Plus and IP Site Connected supported
  • Voice IP
  • Voice Recording
  • Telephone Interconnect
  • Passive Transmit
  • CrossPatch
  • Stun Kill
  • GeoFencing
  • Speed Control
  • Google Street View
  • Street Names Resolving
  • Export Data to external table
  • Scheduler for Text Messages
  • Encrypted Data between RadioServer and Dispatchers
  • User Activity Monitor
  • Digital and analog radios supported
  • Access to a radio channel through a personal computer (Remote Dispatcher)
  • All call types supported (Broadcast, Groups, Personal, Remote Monitoring)
  • TX Interrupt
  • GPS positioning of radio users
  • Email Gateway (SMPT and POP3) for Text Messages
  • Google Earth Integration
  • Lone Worker
  • Revert GPS
  • Extended GPS info: speed, direction, accuracy
  • Flexible workflow system based on the built-in telemetry MOTOTRBO
  • Simple interface for receiving and sending of text messages
  • Track system of radio's state (online/offline) based on ARS
  • Event log: ARS (Presence Notifier), radio, SMS, telemetry, GPS events
  • Reporting
  • Configurable Sound Schema (for Alarm and other events)
  • Dispatcher's status (online, offline)
  • SMS Alert Notification - integration with cell phones
  • Radio Allocation Control


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