SafeMobile’s solutions are designed with our customer’s business requirements in mind. Our goal is to unleash the power of your radios to provide better operation efficiency, increased flexibility and to enhance reporting from within your communication systems.

SafeDispatch™ v5.0 is the premier client-hosted software application that provides users with the ability to effectively manage and monitor their organization’s mobile assets and personnel using MOTOTRBO two-way digital radio systems, TETRA systems, P25 Systems, and Cellular-Based GPS units.

Client-Hosted Solution

SafeDispatch™ enables our customers to host and manage the entire software application on their own computer for both privacy and performance. SafeDispatch™ provides a feature-rich graphic user interface that is easy for dispatchers to use and is available currently in fourteen different languages.
Customize to Meet Your Needs

SafeDispatch™ GPS/AVL solution offers a robust variety of location enabled features that provide real-time 24/7 critical access to information about your mobile assets and personnel around the world, while automatically displaying vehicle/ unit positions using choice mapping engines. Our applications easily integrate with Microsoft MapPoint, MapInfo, Google and any raster or vectorial tab format maps. We work with our customers to provide the maps that best fit their needs to help them monitor their fleets effectively.

SafeDispatch™ is locally installed on your computer, therefore no additional costs are associated as with other on-line applications. There are no monthly recurring fees, saving you thousands annually.

All-In-One Power

Pick What You Need or Deploy Them All

Using the suites available in SafeDispatch v5.0, you can assess the components of your job or project, determine which tools in the application are the most appropriate to address your needs, then combine their power to complete your mobile tasks with less effort.

  • Access critical fleet information in realtime and recap through recorded history
  • Improve your field communications
  • Use one solution for voice, messaging, Email, data transfers and reporting
  • Enhance your analysis and reporting to track people, programs, projects and progress
  • Start saving money immediately - Eliminate data charges by using your radio system for texts, email and data transfers - Improve route efficiency by tracking routes, fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance
  • GPS/ AVL with History
  • Text Messaging
  • E-mail
  • Telemetry with Alarms
  • Geo-Fencing and Alarms
  • Voice Dispatch with Recording
  • Event Logging/ System Check
  • Enhanced Reporting

New Release Enhancements

System Monitoring

In past instances concerning mobile units, users have shut down their vehicle before turning off the radios. This prevented a proper notification to be transmitted to the Dispatch software that informs if the unit powers down. SafeDispatch™ v5.0 currently monitors the device and if a GPS position is not received within 10
polls, the system will identify the unit on the Dispatch software as “Made Off”. This allows the dispatcher to view what vehicle has powered down properly versus incorrect shut downs or even to further identify if there is a possible problem with a particular mobile radio in the field.


SafeDispatch™ now features a text message notification when a unit has entered or exited a predefined Geo-Fenced boundary. Also provided, is an additional layer of security added to the creation of Geo-Fenced areas, whereby you may now protect the Geo-fence with a password. If a user would like to modify the Geo-Fence, a password would be required.

Using the Geo-Fence tab, you can also select alarm types. You can chose to be notified with alarm types for traveling within the set boundary (In), outside of the set boundary (Out), or In and out.


The capability to schedule a report and then have that report be emailed at a predefined time is included with SafeDispatch™ v5.0. You will also notice an increase in the number of historical positions reported from the previous limit of 400 to now 2,000 positions creating a more comprehensive overview of your fleet over time.


Send e-mails to a group call pool by selecting the ID of the Group Call. The improved e-mail gateway will send out an e-mail to all members of the defined Group. This saves users time and adds to their ease-of-use.

Voice Dispatch

Additional details added to call logs within SafeDispatch™ v5.0 provide more insight to useful information than ever before.

  • Call logs now identify whether a call was a Private, Group or All Call.
  • “To” and “From” fields have been included to identify both parties on send and receive ends of calls.
  • The length of all calls is noted in the “Duration” field.

SafeDispatch™ can compile an entire call log for a unit (exportable to Excel) and depending on traffic, this may be a long report. All logs can be filtered by “Sent or Received” calls and whether they were “Private, Group, or All Call” recordings.


When someone induces an emergency alarm, SafeDispatch™ v5.0 software immediatelyinitiates a GPS poll rather than wait for the next routine one-minute poll.

Dispatch maps center the screen upon receipt of an emergency alarm to focus on the alerted unit. The unit will flash red and listings of alarmed units in text remain bold and red as well.

These small enhancements help to increase both the safety and security of your users.

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