Based on wireless technologies, AIR’s Traffic and Transportation Management Solutions are enabling new strategies for relieving traffic congestion, improving road and passengers safety, protecting cargo containers and enhancing productivity. AIR’s fixed and mobile high speed wireless broadband solutions deliver real time vehicle-to-roadside communications, connect transportation command centres, and increase travellers mobility.

AIR Wireless Broadband solutions extend the mobile edge to every part of the transportation network, providing:

•              Wide Coverage and Connectivity

•              Coverage IP Networks

•              Improved Safety

AIR Advantages:

·         Relieve congestion, improve safety and increase mobility

·         Enhance operational efficiencies and improve productivity

·         Incorporate 24/7 surveillance of roadways and railways, bridge monitoring and traffic management solutions

·         Optimise existing transportation assets and provide the infrastructure for

·         smart vehicles and smart highways and integrated corridor management

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We are one of the leading Wireless Telecommunications & Tracking Systems providers in East Africa with over 10 years of experience.

Arusha Contacts

Address : Kwa Ngulelo, Baraa, Behind Puma Fuel Station Arusha, Tanzania

Phone :    +255 776 222 000

Fax :         +255 736 500 532

Email :

Skype :    Salescentre.Radiowave

Dar es Salaam Contacts

Address: No. 34, Off Mwai Kibaki Road (Rainbow Area), behind GBP Filling Station, Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam

Phone :    +255 22 266 6038

Hotline :    +255 772 775 775


Skype:      live:salescentre

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