The Barrett PRC-2084 VHF Base Package, provides a convenient docking station with power amplification to 50 W, as well as the flexibility of dismounted communications when removed from the docking station (additional accessories are required to use the PRC-2080 as a Hand Portable).


The Barrett PRC-2083 Re-broadcast system is typically used to link two low band VHF networks providing extended range to overcome communication difficulties due to distance or terrain.


The Barrett PRC-2091 HF Tactical Mobile Package upgrades the PRC-2090 by providing a convenient vehicle docking station and transmitter power amplification to 125 W PEP.


The Barrett 2019 is a solid state automatic tuning mobile HF antenna, designed for use with Barrett 2000 series transceivers. The 2019 provides frequency coverage of 2 MHz to 30 MHz with a rapid tuning time of typically less that 1.5 S. 


The Barrett PRC-2092 HF Tactical Base Package, like the PRC-2091 Mobile package provides convenient docking station and power amplification to 125 W PEP.


"The time and complexity to install HF transceivers into vehicles has been significantly reduced with the introduction of the Barrett 2050 Wireless control HF transceiver".


The PRC-2090 is a rugged and exceptionally specified HF Tactical transceiver with all the features available from the traditional tactical transceivers suppliers at a more realistic price.


The PRC-2080 low band VHF transceiver is designed for multi-role tactical military and security applications. It is an extremely compact and lightweight unit which is simple to operate in demanding mission critical conditions.


The 2090 is a rugged and exceptionally specified HF manpack with all the features available from the traditional manpack suppliers at a more realistic price. The 2090 manpack is equipped with a fully automatic antenna tuner allowing the deployment of a full range of whip and static antennas. 


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