Streamlining manufacturing production by addressing current process and worker inefficiencies is key to keeping customers happy and maintaining a competitive advantage. Because when workers do more with less, factories work smarter.

Connecting processes, the smart way

Smart technology undoubtedly streamlines operations by automating and connecting processes so more gets done and less wasted. But for automation to work effectively, the workforce has to be connected through clear, immediate voice and data communications. Only then can the plant work seamlessly and react to every event.

Enhancing efficiency with MOTOTRBO™

Efficiency has shaped the development of the new generation of MOTOTRBO radios. Purpose built for plant communications, they include a range of mission critical features that bring efficiency to the fore.

  • PPT (Push-to-Talk) – Whole work teams can communicate instantaneously with a single button push. The large PTT button on MOTOTRBO radios makes communication easier than ever, even for workers wearing gloves.
  • Text Messaging – When voice communication isn’t practical due to excessively high noise, workers can quickly and easily share information with colleagues using text messaging.
  • Work Order Ticketing – Prioritizes personnel and creates efficient workflows. Work order ticketing helps resolve issues fast, enhances the efficiency of personnel responding to issues and coordinates maintenance. It also helps generate reports to ensure efficient workflows.
  • Telemetry – MOTOTRBO supports the transmission of simple telemetry messages that can be used to display messages or toggle output on a radio. Telemetry helps target specific commands to reduce downtime and optimise operational efficiency.
  • Intelligent Audio – Factories can be noisy places and workers need to hear and be heard clearly. MOTOTRBO radios adjust volume automatically in line with fluctuating background noise to ensure commands are not misunderstood or requests for help ignored.
  • Command & Control – Integrates powerful voice and data communications with advanced fleet control and dispatch functionalities. Control room personnel are better equipped to organise and deliver routine tasks, communicate with teams on the plant floor and make faster decisions.
  • WAVE Work Group Communications – Instantly connects workers using different devices and networks. WAVE allows workers to communicate with colleagues over push-to-talk, whether on a smartphone, two-way radio, laptop, landline or tablet. It removes barriers to interoperability for better real-time coordination between teams.

Article by Motorola Solutions